Continuing Education Online Opportunities

PNWTRA recognizes and supports those interested in pursing the field of Recreational Therapy in the Pacific Northwest. We acknowledge these individuals in the state of Oregon do not have an in-state university option to pursue coursework and training in the field. To support and alleviate this barrier, PNWTRA  is providing links and access to information for those interested in pursing the field, specifically in the state of Oregon. Below individuals can connect to opportunities for online higher education. To continue to advance and support the profession, PNWTRA supports these individuals who are interested in practicing Recreational Therapy in the region.

*This list is to the best of our current knowledge* Agencies with online education who are interested in being added to the list, please email us at: bod@pnwtra.org and we'd be glad to add agency information.


ATRA and RecreationalTherapy.com identify higher education opportunities:




By State:



Florida International University, http://www.fiu.edu/~rt

Eastern Washington University,




SUNY Cortland, http://www2.cortland.edu/graduate-programs/therapeutic-recreation-certificate/index.dot

Indiana University, http://www.publichealth.indiana.edu/degrees/graduate.shtml