Join the Board of Directors -President Elect & Member at Large Positions Needed!

Roles & Responsibilities:

President Elect

  1. Learn Presidential Roles and Assist President with tasks

  2. Act in the President’s absence

  3. Attend all Monthly  Board meetings

  4. Contribute to organization and implementation of clinics and annual conference

  5. Become President following year

  6. Attend, help organize and set up all workshops and conferences

  7. Follow-up with Board members on assigned tasks

  8. Voting member of the Board of Directors

  9. Recruit membership through professional colleagues and local agency affiliates.

  10. 3rd  person on Checking Account

Members At Large

  1. Attend board meetings.

  2. Attend, help organize and set up all workshops

  3. Lead Recruit membership through professional colleagues and local agency affiliates.

  4. Assist with chapter activities as assigned by the President or agreed upon during board meetings.

  5. Serve on Committees as assigned

The Board of Directors meets monthly via phone conference currently the 3rd Tues of the Month from 5:30-6:30pm.

*Date/Time of meeting is based on all board members schedule and availabilty




Monthly Board Meetings 

Looking for an opportunity to get involved with a special project? A one time or short term commitment to support your local chapter? Attending a board meeting is a great way to start and get involved!

Members at large are invited to attend scheduled monthly board meetings, if interested, please contact Jonathan Dennett at

Monthly meeting minutes are also available upon request.


Come join us for our monthly board meeting... Mon. December 16th, 2013


Pacific Northwest Chapter Affiliate

American Therapeutic Recreation Association

Monday, Dec 16, 2013 @ 5:30 pm

Newport Grill, Salem, OR


  • Start Meeting – 5:30pm
  • Welcome & Announcements  Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes of previous meeting
  • Agenda Adjustments
  • Tonight’s’ Agenda
    • All Things Annual Conference To Dos
      • Marketing to dos
      • Attendee packets?  (do we?)
      • Breakfast, coffee, and snacks
      • Lunch options (maps, directions, etc.)
      • Annual Review and Presentation
      • Prizes
      • Election
      • Webex update
      • Registration update
      • Attendance, CEUs and certificates
      • On site tabling
      • Speaker stipends and gifts
      • What else?
    • Treasurer Report – Jonathan
      • How to get reimbursements
    • Public Relations Report and Position Recruitment – Rachel
    • Other business as needed


For future meetings

  • Annual Conf Prep Day 
  • The night before? 
  • The night of? 
  • Any other pressing needs?